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Is It Dangerous to Live in a Home with Smoke Damage?

When you’ve experienced a fire in your home, you know it’s necessary to get fire damage repair services. But the other thing you should treat as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very intrusive and can get into everything in your home, including furniture, walls and any space in your property. The soot leftover can destroy your belongings and the remaining odors are unpleasant. With our background as a fire damage restorations company, Paul Davis knows how irritating smoke damage can be, but we also know how hazardous it can be too. Smoke damage needs to be taken care of correctly, because it is unsafe to linger in a location where a fire has occurred.

Having to deal with a fire and fire damages is demanding enough, and it’s easy to forget about getting the smoke damage re-mediated after you’ve gone through a house fire. Nevertheless, it’s vital to get rid of the smoke and soot because smoke damage can affect your health, and it is unsafe to live under these conditions. In order to avoid health complications down the road, you should get a professional to rid the smoke damage from your home.

Smoke Pollution & What It Can Do to Your Health

Tar and carbon are some of the byproducts from smoke, and if these are inhaled over a period of time, they can damage your lungs. Carbon monoxide is another big issue to consider too. It’s a hazardous gas that displaces oxygen in the blood when inhaled, which keeps oxygen away from the brain, heart and other organs. After your residence has experienced a fire, a professional can come by and test the carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Carbon monoxide, tar and other residue that are produced from smoke pollution can cause some alarming health problems, these consist of:

  • Respiratory Issues – When smoke pollution is neglected, the risks of inhaling carbon monoxide and other residue can make breathing challenging and can cause sinus and lung complications. Just because your house is clear from smoke contamination doesn’t mean it’s safe or secure to stay in. Your carpet and furniture and any other personal belongings could be ingrained with small particles and other residue that could simply be inhaled into the lungs. That’s why it’s essential to clear away any smoke pollution after you’ve experienced a fire.
  • Skin Damage – The residue that is embedded in your carpets, furniture and clothing can cause minor, or even major, skin irritation that can’t be healed by lotion. That’s why it’s critical to have your personal belongings deep-cleaned from smoke pollution.
  • Eye Irritation – Watery, red, itchy eyes are a typical complication stemmed from smoke residue remaining in your home. If the problem isn’t addressed, not only will your eyes be aggravated, but more injury could be done to them.

Don’t Let Smoke Pollution Affect Your Health – Get Expert Help

No matter how big or small the fire is, smoke pollution can penetrate your home. It is unsafe to live in your home if there is smoke pollution. To prevent further damage to your health and your property, the professional team from Paul Davis is here to assist. As fire damage repair experts, we know the importance of cleaning up smoke pollution. For a franchise in your location, give call us at 888-473-7669 today.