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Cigarette Smoke Removal near Marine On Saint Croix

Repairing the effects of a fire is a difficult process to experience, regardless of how the fire started. Even when the fire has been extinguished, the lingering smoke can still be a problem. Smoke from fires and cigarettes is especially hazardous for plush, absorbent items like clothing. For four decades, we have helped people across Marine On Saint Croix recovery from smoke damage emergencies. If your situation requires immediate assistance, call or click the “24-hour Emergency Services” button on this page and our service masters will respond to home immediately. We understand the urgency that smoke damage emergencies create. The specialists at Paul Davis Emergency Services of White Bear Lake, MN are aware that you will need assistance now, so we guarantee that we’ll call you back within thirty minutes or less and arrive on site shortly after.

Once they reach your property, our technicians start the subsequent process to remove smoke and odors:

  • Form an estimate for your insurance company
  • Secure window and door board-ups
  • Thorough smoke neutralization
  • Odor elimination, air purification, and additional cleaning
  • Cigarette odor elimination
  • Moisture removal using air movers
  • Prepping the area for Paul Davis restoration services
  • Thorough records and elimination of destroyed personal possessions, furniture, clothing and other affects for restoration and cleaning

We understand that you want to return to your space, so we make it our job to get you there with as little delay as possible. Paul Davis has years of insight in emergency fire and smoke damage repair, so our level of skill is unmatched by the competition. If your property has been dealt serious damage from fire or smoke, learn more here.

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