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Fire damage

Hudson Rapid Fire Damage Remediation Estimates

Fires on your property are a terrible thing to go through whether they are small or large. Fortunately, parts of your stress can be relieved by using Paul Davis to fix the effects. Fire destruction to homes is starting to become more widespread as the amount of forest fires in the Midwest increases. Paul Davis has close to 50 years of skill easing the damage that’s been done to numerous residences across the US and Canada, no matter how they started. If you need fast support, please contact us or follow the “24-hour Emergency Services” button at the top of the page. We offer affordable emergency fire damage remediation and we strive to respond in less than half an hour and be at your home inside 4 hours. At the time you you employ Paul Davis, you will be able to expect the following urgent fire damage services:

  • Urgent damage cleanup estimates
  • Assistance with your insurance provider
  • Emergency quarantine and structural stabilization
  • Smoke odor elimination, sanitation and air purification
  • Drying out your home
  • Referral to a dependable fire damage restoration company

Why Should I Use a Certified Fire Damage Company?

Cleaning up the damage caused by fires requires skilled technicians. While there could be problems made by high temperatures, there can also be contamination from the chemical reactions that happen while a fire is raging. The excess water resulting from from putting out your property’s fire can make major amounts of destruction to your house too. It’s possible to end up with quite a mess on your hands when you factor in the soot that coats walls, floors and tables. Procrastinating or employing a company that doesn’t have the right equipment and certifications can make expensive remodels down the line. Problems started by a fire is no big deal for the knowledgeable cleanup professionals at Paul Davis. Dealing with smoke destruction is also one of our fortes, click here for further resources.

What Should I Assume Will Happen When I Employ Paul Davis?

The location of a fire will be completely checked out by a Paul Davis technician. It’s incredibly important that damage is uncovered before we make a remediation roadmap. For instance, a wood floor which appears to be in find shape at first appearance may actually be warped as a result of damage from water, or fire may have hurt lower infrastructure. Constructing on top of problem areas like these could bring down property values and add to costs later in the process, and these repairs are not as likely to be compensated by insurance companies. The repairs will be remedied swiftly and efficiently when we do a total examination.

Isolate Dangerous Locations

The combination of fire and water can sometimes can created critical dangers for the infrastructure of your home. We section off the dangerous parts of your home from the non-hazardous areas so you are safe.

Dry the Waterlogged Spots by Getting Rid of Extra Water

During our Great Lakes Region winters it’s particularly hard to pump any residual water. Further damage can be created when mildew and mold grow as a result of leftover pools of water. Our technicians will quickly expel the water and start totally drying all areas right away so that rot isn’t able to grow.

Why Paul Davis?

Practical experience and know-how are critical in fire damage repairs. That’s why countless of homeowners across America trust Paul Davis Emergency Services for emergency fire damage cleanup. We have witnessed destruction of all sizes and scopes and we’re prepared to offer an estimate on your urgent fire damage repair. We’re confident you’ll be confident with your choice when you choose Paul Davis.